This project is only possible because the decades of work that have gone before us from dermatologists and others. Some wonderful textbooks in this area include:

Kelly & Taylor, Dermatology for Skin of Color (2nd edition)
Dadzie, Petit, Alexis, Ethnic Dermatology: Principles and Practice, Wiley-Blackwell
Pandya, Dermatology Atlas for Skin of Color, Springer
Silverberg, Duran-McKinster, Tay, Pediatric Skin of Color, Springer

We are pleased to be one of several great resources emerging. Let us know of any others you find and we will add them to this list:

Brown Skin Matters has a great repository of images

medical student at St George’s (M Mukwende) is publishing a book with dermatology images

Skin of colour, University of Nottingham brings together links to other online resources


How medicine is missing the bull’s eye, NEJM, 2020