Consent Process

If you’d like to submit a photo please do so here.

All images submitted by external hospitals:

  • On submission, organisations will be asked to confirm that appropriate consent has been obtained as per their own governance agreements.
  • We have a hospital pack to help hospitals get started – for more info please email:

All images submitted by individuals:

  • You can submit them here. You will be asked to confirm consent.

All images used from patients at the Royal London Hospital have gone through the following process:

  • Full consent form is signed by the parent/guardian consenting to sharing freely online, publication, and wide online usage with specific reference to DFTB.
  • Images are also uploaded to the patient’s electronic records.
  • All details are anonymised for publication including case details and age of the child.
  • Blackout bars are not used with the aim of anonymising, and they are only used in cases where the family has specifically requested this.